Sunday, October 25, 2020


Advertise with Juba Eye

With over 90,000 followers on Facebook and 20,000 daily visits on the website, Juba Eye offers several advertising options including Geographical targeting, full-page and fractional ads, inserts, onserts and custom programs. Contact our Facebook page for all your needs.

Page Takeover –(page by choice)
Advertorial Content — (in news)
Content Promotion — (in news)
CPM and CPC Ads — (in news)
Mobile Leaderboard — 320×100 (page by choice)
Leaderboard — 728×90 (page by choice)
Wide Skyscrper — 160×600 (page by choice)
Large Rectangle — 336×280 (in news)
Large Leaderboard — 970×90 (in news)
Half-Page Ad — 300×600 (in news)